About Me

Hello fellow bloggers!  My name is Lisa, a senior from Notre Dame High School, and I am enrolled in the Sports Medicine class this year.  This blog was originally created when I was enrolled in the AP Biology course last year.  I can’t wait for all of you to experience my journey through these courses!

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I have a younger brother named Jason!
  • My favorite sport: volleyball
  • My favorite color: light blue
  • My favorite food: sushi
  • My goal: go into the field of medicine
  • My free time: club and school volleyball, work during the summer, spending time with my family, walking my dog, Chloe

IMG_3965 IMG_3549 IMG_3882 IMG_3334

This past year I have learned many new technological techniques, along with the materials during the difficult course of AP Biology. I had fun with the eleven other girls in the class and I can’t wait to meet the girls in my class this year.

I have always dreamt that my future would include me being able to study and graduate from a University on the West Coast and work towards a medical degree. I am extremely interested in science and want to be a Molecular Biology major in college.  I am on the path to fulfilling that goal! Join me on my journey as I show you my growing knowledge of the world through the lens of Biology and Sports Medicine!

This Sports Medicine course will help give me an idea to see if I would like to achieve these goals.  I expect that this course will be interesting, challenging, and eye-opening.  I want to become closer friends with the girls in my class as well. I believe the most challenging aspect of this course will be that it is blended, so I will not see my teacher all the time.  I might not have the motivation or desire to learn when she is not there or I might not learn the information that is important to the chapter.

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7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. this class seems to be very interesting. This blog is a very well kept and up to date page with relevant topics that everyone should be aware of.

  2. Hey Lisa! I’m loving the new layout and its so cool to learn about your goal of getting a medical degree. I’m also glad to hear that you like Notre 🙂 Keep up the awesome work.

  3. LOVE your new template!!! You have created an amazing site and you only had 1 semester to do it! Rockstar!!! Quick note…when you let people know your Twitter handle, be sure not to add the exclamation point since it looks like that might be part of it. You want to be sure that they can follow you 🙂 I love that you also shared #NDBTigers

  4. Hi Lisa! I really love reading all about you on your blog. We are very similar because I love sushi and one of my favorite colors is light blue too! Your blog reflects a lot about yourself and it is super creative. Its very easy to tell you are a very nice and fun person. Since you love volleyball, did you know the game of volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan? Sports med will definitely help you with your career and what you want to study in college. I am excited to be following your blog this year and look foreword to reading more!

  5. Hi Lisa! Your blog is awesome! That’s so inspiring that you know that you want to work in the medical field. Molecular biology seems like and awesome major! Did you know that molecular biologists work in advanced laboratory environments, often using new technology and methods for their research? That would be so interesting and it seems right up your alley! I saw that you said you said sushi is your favorite type of food. Sushi is my favorite too! What’s you favorite type of roll? I can’t wait to get to know you better throughout the year! See you in class!

  6. Hey Lisa! I just wanted to let you know that your blog is super creative and I love how personal you made it. I was intrigued right away and continued to be impressed as I read through your “About Me” intro. One characteristic that really popped out to me while looking through your blog was the pictures you added, along with the fun facts. I personally thought this was a great way to be unique and really get your personalty on the page. Like you I have a interest in the field of Biology and think it’s great that you are beginning to figure out what you would like to focus on in college. One fun question that came to mind while reading through your blog was “What about Molecular Biology interests you the most, and how did your love for the subject begin?” I am so excited to get to know you better throughout this class and can’t wait to see what’s in store for your blog as the year continues!

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